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Atlantis Age Atlantis Age Atlantis Age
  • Cryodragon's  Protection

    Cryodragon's Protection

  • Raging Evil

    Raging Evil

  • Dance of Mandala

    Dance of Mandala

  • Light's  Judgement

    Light's Judgement

  • Flaming Dragon

    Flaming Dragon

  • Inferno Edge

    Inferno Edge

  • Cryodragon's Protection

    Binds you to the Ice Dragon and summons the ancient dragon soul as a guard to defend you and strangle reckless enemies.

  • Raging Evil

    The abyss that fills the body with endless demonic intent, a slight release of which would form endless blade wheels to sweep all enemies.

  • Dance of Mandala

    Absorbs the power of the dark universe and forms dark magic staffs around. Its soul usually hides in the void and will get out in battle, moving as fast as lightning to attack the enemy.

  • Light's Judgement

    A secret skill created by fusing the power of light with fighting will. Its user is able to crush the enemy with countless light fists within one second.

  • Flaming Dragon

    A secret skill that cannot be used until a permanent contract with the Flame Dragon is signed. Then the dragon's soul slumbers inside you until battle and devours the enemy without mercy.

  • Inferno Edge

    A secret skill created by the Imperial Wargod after his countless wars. Transforms the killing intent into real blade wheels around you to destroy enemies.

In Atlantis Age, You can be a magician with heavy armor and absolute defense, or be a master
swordsman healer, or even a tank with a bow and arrow. The brave will finally get the Atlantis treasure!
  • Atlantean Action Awaits! Join The Treasure Hunt in Atlantis Age!
  • Over 115 Skills To Customize Your Build
  • AFK - Win Rewards While You Are Away
  • Dive Into PVE & PVP Battles With Friends
  • Fierce Battles And Epic Monsters In A Magical Adventure
  • Reach The Top Of The Rankings And Unlock Incredible Rewards